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Flash Games Affiliate Program Monitize your flash games portal with the Fupa Games affiliate program. You can add our affiliate links anywhere you would like on your website to drive traffic to Fupa.com and get paid! We provide all kinds of different sized banners to choose from including text links and we even provide rotating banners to they do not get stale. Simply add our affiliate banner go to your ad serving solution and away you go. There are no minimize site sizes or waiting lists on who can participate in our program. However, we are only accepting a limited number of people into our program so act now!

This is a non-exclusive program. Combine it with as many other advertising networks as you like. Add us into your reminant inventory to make some extra cash. You can also use our program to monetize your traffic without interfering with your existing banner advertising.

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How It Works

You take some of our text links, banners, pop unders, or games feed and add it to your existing site. All of our affiliate links are either to our homepage, one of our category pages, or a custom page with your own games. You can't link directly to a game. When users visit Fupa.com through the affiliate links you have placed on your site and they then play a game on our site you receive credit for that unique gameplay. If the user signs up for Fupa.com you also receive credit for that unique signup. It usually takes three page views for a user to play a game on our site. We see conversion rates around 50% for traffic sent to any of our landing pages. Additionally we only accept traffic from certain countries (mainly US and EU). See our Terms and Conditions for a full list.

Text Links

Add text links to our affiliate program through your site to increase monetization.


We offer banners in the following sizes that you can integrate into your ad server:
  • 728x90
  • 468x60
  • 336x280
  • 300x250
  • 250x250
  • 200x200
  • 100x100
  • 160x600
  • 120x600
Pop Unders

Use our affiliate links as pop unders to increase monetization of your traffic without interfering with existing advertising. Contact us if you need help implementing popunder code.

Promote your own Games!

If your games are in our database we can setup a page which you can drive traffic to on our site that contains links to all of your own games. You will basically be getting paid to drive traffic to users on our site where they can play your games and even click back to your own site again. If your games are not in our database yet contact use or submit them yourself!

Combine Our Affiliate Program With Our REST API!

Free Games REST API Version (server based)
How many games do you have on your site? Do you want to have 40,000+ games? Include all of our games directly into your site via our REST API. You access XML versions of our pages on the back end via REST and display the content dynamically in your own pages. We provide a ready made site in ASP and in PHP for you to use or you can write your own code to access the content via REST. Accessing our API is very easy. You need to create a Fupa account and then you will receive a Channel API application key when you visit the Channel API page. You do not need a database to use the REST API.

Click here to find out more (requires an account).

Sample landing page:
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